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FLASH BACK is dual purpose liquid uses to restore old dull aluminum and unsightly masonry surfaces. Itís strong concentration of acids and detergents work fast and effectively even when diluted.

ALUMINUM RESTORATION: Flash Back quickly removes oxidation and weathered discoloration from bare aluminum surfaces revealing a fresh uniform bright flat finish. Special detergent additives remove oily soils, and allow it to rinse free and evenly without streaking. Works remarkably on trailers, tank trucks, air conditioners fins, and most old dull aluminum. Do Not Use on highly polished or anodized aluminum. General Rule: Flashback makes bad aluminum look good but, good aluminum look bad.

ALUMINUM BRIGHTENING DIRECTIONS: Apply mixture only onto dull oxidized raw aluminum surfaces. The surface will immediately foam over. Wait 1-2 minutes then high pressure rinse. Do not allow Flash Back to contact brightly polished aluminum or glass surfaces.

MASONRY RESTORATION: Flash Back rapidly restores most masonry. Removes years of atmospheric pollutants, mold, algae, fire and smoke damage, lime and efflorescence stains and more. Itís high acid content quickly reacts with masonry to reveal a clean new surface. Flash Back works well on brick, concrete, precast block, stucco, clay tiles, terra cotta, sandstone, granite and more. Not recommended for limestone.

MASONRY RESTORATION DIRECTIONS: Apply mixture onto, old, smoke damaged, atmospheric polluted masonry such precasted brick, block and concrete and natural granite, slate and other stone with the mortar joints. Let set 10-15 minutes then high pressure rinse. If necessary, repeat procedure possibly less diluted until ultimate results are aquired.

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Apply, mixture only through plastic pumping equipment or by long handled plastic brush. Special injection devises are available for pressure washing equipment. (Call ETS Co.)


Dilute with water: Water to Flash Back
Heavily oxidized aluminum: Dilute 5 to 1
Moderately oxidized aluminum: Dilute 15 to 1
Masonry Restoration: Strait or Dilute 10 to 1

Flash Back contains powerful hydrofluoric acid, the most effective material known for aluminum and masonry restoration. Because of this, extreme care must be exercised when using this product. Thoroughly read the entire Flash Back material safety data sheets (MSDS) prior to using this product.

CAUTION: Corrosive and Poisonous. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid. Very Hazardous. Contact with skin and eyes must be avoided. Do not take internally. Do not breath mist or fumes. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN Read Material Safety Data Sheet Prior To Use.


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