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Pressure Washer Repair Part - CPCP-100850
Pressure Washer Repair Part - CPCP-100850

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CLEAR OUT™ is a liquid flocculant additive for use in waste/wash water treatment systems. It lowers the pH and causes a dramatic clarification of cloudy, murky water. Small amounts of CLEAR OUT™ react with insoluable, matter causing them to precipitate. As the water is slowly circulated, particles grow and entrap more particles of soil, organic coloring material, and much of the bacteria present in the water causing them to settle out. The clarified water is then filtered to remove the last traces of suspeneded matter producing a sparkling clear water.

Manually add to waste/water treatment systems where
settling can occur or apply with automatic metering feed pump.

The pH should be corrected to 8-10 before CLEAR OUT™  is added.

Draw 16 oz. of murky water. Test with litmous paper and adjust pH. Correct low pH with caustic. If pH is high correct with muriatic acid. Add 1-5 drops of CLEAR OUT™. Shake well and let stand 15-30 minutes. If obvious results are indicated, treat entire system, including collection pits, two times per week as follows:

200 –400 gallons add 16 oz.
500—1000 gallons add 32 oz.
1100—1500 gallons add 64 oz.

Dose rate depends on system usage and contaminants added.

HANDLING & STORAGE PRECAUTIONS:   Keep container closed when not in use. Do not mix with other chemicals. Avoid breathing vapors or mist.  Keep from freezing. Do not store near open flames or heat.  Do not store near incompatible mterials

OTHER PRECAUTIONS:  Do not take internally. Transfer material only to approved, properly  labled containers.

STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN CASE OF SPILL:  Use appropriate safety equipment.    Collect and contain spill with absorbent material for disposal.   Contain large spills and pump ino a suitable tank for disposal. Wash area and thoroughly rinse with water. Neutralize with alkalies.


EMERGENCY FIRST AID PROCEDURES:  Flush eyes and skin with fresh water for 15 minutes. If inhaled move to fresh air. If ingested do not induce vomiting. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION.

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