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BACKBOARDS™ is a mild acidic clear liquid wood restoring detergent. BACKBOARDS™ restores wood surfaces discolored by years of exposure to weathering elements. BACKBOARDS™ readily transforms old gray or blackened, moldy wood to its original appearance. BACKBOARDS™ dramatically reduces cleaning efforts and time allowing more effective restoration than pressure water blasting alone. BACKBOARDS™ and a gentle 500 to 1000PSI flush rinse eliminates gouging, splintering, furring, stop/start, overlapping marks and deep injections of water into the vulnerable wood fibers. BACKBOARDS™ is recommended for cedar, pressure treated, redwood and other types of wooden decks, shakes, roofs, fences and log cabins.
DIRECTIONS: Dilute with water as specified in the following ratios:
Wood restoration: Pressure washer cleaning: Full Strength or dilute up to 3 to 1 with water. Manual Scrubbing: Full Strength.
Mild Masonry Brightening: Full Strength Rust Stain Removal: Full Strength
RESTORATION TIPS -Ultra high pressure (greater than 2000 PSI) damages wood fibers. -DO NOT BLEACH! Sodium Hypochlorite solutions soften, raise the grain, and splinter wood fibers. Bleach also forms a film that deters follow up preservative penetration. Bleach and wood do not get along! -Use cold or warm water to pressure clean. Hot water softens wood causing fiber damage. -If a previous wood treatment is evident, a chemical stripper may first be required. Call ETS. -Follow up the wood restoration with a full bodied, replenishing wood preservative. Call ETS.
Wood Restoration: Sweep or brush surface to be cleaned. Dampen wood surfaces with a water spray Generously apply Backboards by brush or garden pump sprayer. Agitate the surface with a medium bristle brush. Allow to set 15-20 minutes. If surface is drying, keep damp with a water mist spray. Gently flush rinse with a pressure washer to reveal a restored surface. If rinsing with a garden hose, additional scrubbing may be required. Mild masonry restoration and rust stain removal: Apply full strength let set 10-15 minutes, scrub if necessary, pressure rinse.
COMMENTS: Protect adjacent surfaces and plant life with light plastic draping. Mix well before using. Backboards is a saturated solution of high solids. Store above 50°F to prevent crystals forming on bottom of container. Warm the solution or dissolve crystals in hot water. Crystals will not effect products performance.


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