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ISO-64A Air Caliper Disc Brake
ISO-70 H-5 Packing Joint
ISO-114 FH-3 Roller & Spool Assembly
ISO-115 Utility Hose Rollers
ISO-152 PL-1, PL-4 Pinlock Assembly
ISO-155 Hannay Reduction unit
ISO-160 Hannay Manual Clutch & Reduction Unit
ISO-194 WHJ Series Swivel Joint
ISO-195 Hannay Guidemanster (GM 700)
ISO-200 Hannay Guidemaster Brackets
ISO-207 N-Series Pawl Assembly
ISO-208 N-Series Roller Assembly
ISO-209 Manual Bevel Gear Rewind Assembly
ISO-210 Self Aligning Bearing Assembly
ISO-211 Strap Bearing Assembly
ISO-212 Bearing Mounted Strap Brake Assembly
ISO-214 H-18 Crank Handle
ISO-244 R- Series Ratchet Pawl Assembly
ISO-245 R300 Series Roller Assembly
ISO-249 Electic Clutch / Reduction Unit Assembly
ISO-250 R - Series Roller Assembly
ISO_251.pdfISO-251 Double Captive Roller & Spool Assembly
ISO-252 Bottom Wind FH-3 Roller Spool Assembly
ISO-254 Cam Lock Brake Assembly
ISO-255 1/2" and 1" Threaded Crank Handle Assembly
ISO-256 1" Pinned Hub Crank Handle Assembly
ISO-258 Regular Series Spring Reel TR or VR Roller Bracket
ISO-259 Self Aligning Bearing with collector backing plate assembly
ISO-260 Modular Portable Reel Frame
ISO-263 Assembly B Rollers for Guidemaster Reels
ISO-265 Hannay Guidemaster GM-X

ISO-88 Model C16-10-11 Crank Rewind
ISO-120 Model LC 16-10-11 Crank Rewind
ISO-121 Model C16-14-16 / C20-14-16 Crank Rewind
ISO190 AV1 Crank Rewind
ISO-191 AV2 Crank Rewind
ISO-199 AVX-100 Crank Rewind
ISO-218 C1500 Series Crank Rewind
ISO-222 Model AVD-1 Crank Rewind
ISO-223 Model AVD-2 Crank Rewind
ISO-224 Model AVD-3 Crank Rewind
ISO-261 AVF-14 Crank Rewind
ISO-262 AVF-18 Crank Rewind

ISO-18 1 Series (Power or Crank Rewind) (EP / EPJ / EPB / 7500 Series (<30 Disx size))
ISO-41 1 Series (Power or Crank Rewind) (EP / EPJ / EPB / 7500 Series (>30 Disx size))
ISO-68 400 Series (Power Rewind) (Compact Reel for or 1 I.D. Hose)
ISO-72 7000 / F7100 Series (Power or Crank Rewind) (For Dual 1 hose)
ISO-74 FF7200 (Power or Crank Rewind) (For Dual 1 hose)
ISO-76 CR1600 Series (power or Crank Rewind) (To handle live electrical cable)
ISO-84 1 ID (F/EF Series) Reels (Power or Crank Rewind) (To handle or 1 ID hose)
ISO-90 1500 Series (Power Rewind) (To handle thru 5/8 ID hose)
ISO-101 EF2000 Series (Power Rewind) (For dual hydraulic hose)
ISO-104 LD (Large Diameter) Series (For flate hose (firefighting))
ISO-111 3500 and FF3600 Series (crank Rewind) (To handle 1 ID hose)
ISO-113 3000 and F3100 Series (Crank Rewind) (To handle 1 ID hose)
ISO-122 SBEF Aluminum Booster Series (Power Rewind) (For or 1 Booster Hose)
ISO-125 4000 Series (Crank Rewind) (Compact reel for or 1 ID booster hose)
ISO-179 1500 Series (crank Rewind) (To handle thru 5/8 ID hose)
ISO-216 4100 / F4100 Series (Power or Crank Rewind) (Compact reel for or 1 ID booster hose)
ISO-217 EF2200 Series (Power Rewind) (For dual CORE (Holmatro) Hose)
ISO-220 ESF Series (Power Rewind) (To handle 1 ID hose)
ISO-225 EF2500 Series (Power Rewind) (For Dual Hydraulic hose)
ISO-227 ELF1500 / ELF2000 (power Rewind) (compact rescue reels (low profile))
ISO-228 ESF1500 / ESF2000 (Power Rewind) (Compact rescue reels (narrow depth))
ISO-229 ELFCR1600 (Power Rewind) (Compact rescue cored reels (low profile))
ISO-230 ESFCR1600 (Power Rewind) (Compact rescue cord reels (narrow depth))